Self Love is Hard

If you are having a baby, you will most likely have to remind everybody around you that they are also giving birth to themselves. People don’t like to think that anyone else is having a harder time than them, or maybe this is just the case when you are an empath and you are surrounded by narcissists that have now turned you into a narcissist. And maybe you are beginning to wonder about the narcissist to empath spectrum. It’s kind of like the crazy to beautiful spectrum. This is why I want to be ugly, but people keep telling me that I am beautiful. Are they lying?

We are all beautiful in our own way and it ultimately doesn’t matter cause there is no definitive answer to that question. What matters more is how you feel inside.

Dear Self,

I’m playing out the roles I need to play out.

I am doing an okay job.

I keep making mistakes because the unseen is different than the seen. These two worlds are operating together simultaneously. A world that I can see and a world that I can’t see. When I hear about mermaids it makes me think that I am doing good work, because the depth of the beauty is reflected in the sparkle that can only come from living in the ocean. I am crying my beautiful tears because that is how we heal. Tears are just normal now. Can we normalize them now? My magic power is that I just keep crying forever and I am a drama queen so just stop it already.

Shake it down to the ground. Shake it out. Shake the devil off your back. It is a constant state of arrival and it is always harder than we want to accept cause we want an excuse to stop; but, you are not imagining anything. This is crazy. Your feelings are valid, everything is challenging because it helps us grow stronger. If you’re not shaking then you’re not growing, that is how we get rid of the weakness.

We need to remember not to stress ourselves out, to raise our eyebrows and smile, to remember that everything happens as it needs to even though it is easy to get caught up in fear over the future. Every day and in every way we are getting stronger and stronger. I love you so much / please let go of the past and stop posting on social media as much. It just makes you resentful to do so much energy work for free. You deserve to get paid for the work that you are doing. You are a bad ass bitch every day and you are safe and loved. You are held by spirit and the universe. You are doing the best that you can. You are love and your mind is getting in the way.





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